April 22, 2022

  • FruitJuice is no longer available for purchase as of April 17th, 2022. (As with any app you have purchased from the Mac App Store, it will continue to be available for download).
  • Email-based support will be provided through the end of 2022.
  • FruitJuice is a standalone app, and, as such, will continue to work provided Apple doesn't make significant changes to macOS.
  • FruitJuice started life in 2010, outside of the Mac App Store. You may remember those days, when Apple notebooks had swappable batteries! FruitJuice began as a solution to maximize battery life by automating (as much as possible) Apple's official battery calibration procedure. Shortly after we launched FruitJuice, it was clear that Apple notebooks would all soon have built-in batteries. And they did. It was time for us to re-tool FruitJuice, which we started in late 2012. FruitJuice arrived in the Mac App Store in September of 2013.

    It was a good run, and we would like to thank everyone who has supported this effort over the years. However, due to a change in circumstances, we are no longer able to sustain further development. It is difficult to let go of something you have worked on for 12 years, but we believe this is the best decision for us at this time.

    Be well.