Why does FruitJuice keep asking me to set it as a login item?

For some users, even though FruitJuice is set to start at login (and does, indeed, start at login), it may indicate otherwise. There is a work-around for this message.

All you need to do is place an empty text file named “1324.txt” in the following directory:

(Your Home Directory) > Library > Containers > com.batteryProject.FruitJuiceMAS > Data > Library > Application Support > com.batteryProject.FruitJuice

The next time FruitJuice starts up, no matter what, it will skip the start at login message.


Note: To navigate to your “Library” folder, in the Finder, you can open┬áthe “Go” menu while holding the Option key and there will be a “Library” option.