FruitJuice now ready for Mountain Lion and GateKeeper

We are both relieved and happy to announce that FruitJuice is now ready for Mountain Lion and its new GateKeeper security controls.

For those of you already running FruitJuice, we thank you for your support.

For those of you who downloaded FruitJuice for the first time using Mountain Lion, we apologize for not being ready for that until today. We kindly ask that you download the latest version and give it another try. The delay, unfortunately, was a drawn out series of events and red-tape getting ourselves actually registered as official Apple developers. In short, Apple now requires that non-individuals (we’re an LLC) have a Dun & Bradstreet DUNS number to enroll as an LLC. This took 1 week (for a $49 rush fee, otherwise it is 30 days) to get the number. It turns out, however, that it can take another 14 business days to get into Apple’s system. So we waited the 3 weeks and figured we’d be all set. We weren’t. Some information that we entered at Dun & Bradstreet didn’t stick. So we had to update our Dun and Bradstreet record. That takes another week. And then ANOTHER 14 business days to get into Apple’s systems (again).

In other words, thank you for your patience!

Please note that we only updated the download link from the website. We did not post an update for existing users, since they would not see any new functionality. They’d just see us asking for their admin password for “no reason”, which isn’t nice.

We’re nice people.