FruitJuice 1.0 Removal Instructions

There are two parts to removing FruitJuice 1.0:

  1. Disabling the software.
  2. Removing the data files.

To Disable the FruitJuice 1.0 Software:

  1. Launch the main FruitJuice application.
  2. Select “Preferences…” from the FruitJuice menu.
  3. Make sure that the “Show FruitJuice in the menu bar” is NOT checked.
  4. Choose “Quit” from the “FruitJuice” menu while holding down the Option key.
  5. This will display a message indicating that you will be asked for your administrator password in order to remove the low-level software.
  6. Click “OK”, type your admin password and the FruitJuice software will be disabled.

FruitJuice data files:

The FruitJuice 1.0 data files can safely be deleted now by:

  1. Navigating to the “Library” folder at the top level of your startup disk (likely “Macintosh HD”).
  2. Find the “BatteryProject” folder and throw it in the trash. Note: you will be asked for your admin password in order to perform this operation.