FruitJuice 1.0.14 Update Now Available

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 1.0.14 of FruitJuice. It has a combination of fixes that we have been working on for quite some time as well as some user-reported issues and suggestions. The complete list of fixes follows.

  1. Fix issue where FruitJuice would appear to be “stuck” after first install or after an update. This should actually result in faster launch times.
  2. We have determined that, in some cases, Mac OS X provides incorrect “Factory Cycle Count” information for the current battery. If this error occurred, the filled circle representing the percent of lifespan would be incorrect. We’ve been able to work around this issue and you will now see the correct number and lifespan percent in the Battery Info screen.
  3. Official Apple name for machine now shows at the top of the sidebar. For example, instead of just “MacBook Pro”, it will say, “MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010)”.
  4. Add links from the “Start Conditioning/Calibration” sheet to additional documentation on our website describing the calibration or conditioning process in further detail (including estimated times for each phase).
  5. Fix cosmetic issue where, when starting FruitJuice, the title bar of the main window would show “Trial Remaining” or “Trial Expired” for a few seconds. This was true even for the fantastic people who have paid for subscriptions.
  6. Fix an issue on machines with built-in batteries where multiple batteries would be displayed in the sidebar. This typically only impacted users that had migrated FruitJuice to new hardware.
  7. Moved the “Open FruitJuice Application” item from the bottom of the Status Menu to a location next to the “Open Energy Saver Prefs…”. This helps avoid accidentally cancelling a calibration or conditioning.