FruitJuice 1.0.10 Update Now Available

We’re sorry that we messed up with the 1.0.9 release last week. We’ve gotten things sorted out, fixed one additional user-reported issue and are happy to announce that version 1.0.10 is now available.

In addition to an actual, working update, 1.0.10 also has the following:

  1. The fix that was supposed to be in 1.0.9 which fixes an issue where our server was rejecting some data due to Mac OS X giving us bogus information.
  2. A workaround for an issue where Mac OS X provides incorrect information right before system sleep (on some machines), which causes FruitJuice to think that the user closed the lid or otherwise forced the machine to sleep too soon and subsequently cancels the calibration/conditioning.

Remember, also, that our launch coupon good for 30% off your first year is still active. Use ‘APPLEJUICE’ at checkout for discount goodness.