About the Battery Maintenance Process

If you read Apple’s About Notebook Batteries page, you will see that they recommend using your machine on battery power regularly. If your machine is plugged in most of the time, then Apple recommends that you charge and discharge your battery about once a month.

A FruitJuice Maintenance Cycle consists of charging your battery to full and then discharging (i.e. running on battery) until the percent charge drops below 20%.

FruitJuice will use the system Notification Center to walk you through the process and will let you know when you’re done.

FruitJuice knows how much time you spend on battery compared to your overall usage time.

Using this information, FruitJuice recommends how much time to spend on battery each day. If you follow these recommendations, then you will likely never see the Maintenance Cycle (aside from the initial one we suggest). If you do not follow these recommendations, then FruitJuice will recommend you perform a Maintenance Cycle. If you do run a maintenance cycle, you will not see another one for at least 30 days.