FruitJuice 1.0.9 Update Now Available

A small update to fix an issue of some bad data being given to us by the system. Version 1.0.9 is now available.

FruitJuice 1.0.8 Update Now Available

We’d like to announce the immediate availability of version 1.0.8 of FruitJuice.

This version addresses the following user-reported issue:

  1. Some users were reporting that FruitJuice was telling them that their trial had expired even though it hadn’t.

FruitJuice 1.0.7 Update Now Available

We have just posted an update to FruitJuice that corrects an issue where your Login Items were accidentally removed during installation.

Honestly, we’re embarrassed by the fact that this bug eluded us. If you had login items set for your Mac OS X user account, we’re sorry to say that you will have to manually re-establish them.

The sad story is here.

FruitJuice 1.0.6 Update Now Available

We’d like to announce the immediate availability of version 1.0.6 of FruitJuice. It is especially recommended for users with built-in batteries who plan to perform the conditioning process.

This version addresses two user-reported issues:

  1. Fix a condition where FruitJuice would not install properly if it was launched from a directory that had spaces in the full path (Bug 545).
  2. Fix an issue where you would receive a conditioning notification to wake the machine up, yet when you opened it up, we would tell you that you didn’t rest long enough (Bug 544). This was only on machines with built-in batteries that were performing the conditioning procedure. This was a silly programmer mistake and we’re sorry for the confusion.

FruitJuice 1.0.5 Update Now Available

We’d like to let everyone know that we have just posted a minor update to FruitJuice.

This update addresses two issues:

1) There are a variety of minor user interface updates that we have addressed based on customer feedback.

2) We have fixed an issue where the menu bar application was not properly updating the start/stop calibrating/conditioning text in all circumstances.

FruitJuice 1.0.4 Update Now Available

Version 1.0.4 of FruitJuice is now available.

This update addresses two issues:

1) Due to the way we were performing some date conversions, some dates were being rejected by our server. This was happening when people were registering their computers. Subsequently, these users would not receive any notification messages. This issue has been resolved and any pending registrations will automatically retry upon installation of the update.

2) We require that users register with us so that we can send email (and optionally SMS) messages at certain times. We were, however, allowing people to begin the conditioning/calibration process before registering. The menu items that were available are now disabled until the registration process is complete. Sorry for the confusion on that one.

We thank you for your continued support of FruitJuice!

FruitJuice 1.0.3 Update Now Available

There was an intermittent “hang on launch” bug that some users have been reporting. This was only happening when FruitJuice was opened for the very first time.

If you quit and restart FruitJuice everything would be fine.

Version 1.0.3, available now, addresses this issue. It isn’t urgent that current users download this version, but a nice side effect of this fix is that app launch times are significantly shorter.

Thanks again for your support of FruitJuice.

FruitJuice 1.0.2 Update Now Available

Again, thanks to customer feedback, we were able to work through an issue where calibrations were being automatically cancelled due to scheduled system sleep events. There were a few conditions where we were not properly setting aside the scheduled sleep events (the ones that you create in the “Energy Saver” System Preference panel).

This issue has been corrected and the update is now available.

FruitJuice 2.3